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Beno Visits – FabKids

As part of the installation of FabLab Yachay several trainings were made by the installation team. In July, these trainings conclude with the arrival of Benito Juárez president of the association FabLab Lima. These will be detailed below and in the following notes.


fabkids - workshopfabkids robot



The first training consisted of an intervention where children from Urcuquí became the main role of the FabKids workshop. It was a dynamic full of joy and creativity in which the collaborative work was encouraged and Benito put in place a methodology in which he has been working for some time that consists of raising an open problem and encouraging the whole group to solve it.


fabkids - group fabkids - love

Following this the children are invited to join interests, at that moment they begin to develop the prototyping of their ideas very quickly.

Once their ideas start prototyping they are invited to join the prototypes to create a story where everyone is included. And they are told about digital fabrication and how they can take their ideas to a next level.

fabkids - all

FabAcademy 2017 – Juan Marcos Santacruz

Networking and electronic engineer. As a vegetarian Juan wants to eat healthy and cultivate food without pesticides and chemicals in his home. He found a lot of sense in his life with FabAcademy.

It is a robot that helps people to cultivate vegetable and fruit plants in their own home without chemicals and pesticides. The robot has an automatic system that senses humidity and provides water if needed. Wetbot can also be programmed to measure the humidity conditions of the plants currently. Another characteristic of this project is its easy interface with users. A smartphone app is used to control it. This system could make cities more sustainable and provide rural areas with open technology to improve the quality of life.