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Toowheels Workshop

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This workshop teaches you how to build your own wheelchair starting with the Toowheels project. Toowheels is the first DIY wheelchair, born from mixing designs from many skills in the maker world: www.toowheels.org. During this workshop we explain how to start designing your wheelchair using the Toowheels user manual.  You can customize the project for your needs, making your own wheelchair using simple materials and tools. At the end of the process you can use your chair and let your imagination improve it.  Repairs easily for any broken parts!




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Prosthetic Hand – Enable


IntroductionDIY Prosthetic Hand

As a volunteer Builder, you are starting on a journey that will create a wonderful gift for someone in need.  Our 3D printed devices enhance physical capabilities and self-esteem, and our community serves as a model for the future we all hope to enable.

We have policies and procedures in place that will make the outcomes successful for Builders, Rehabilitative Professionals and Patients.

This information package will provide you with key links to many resources that are at your disposal.  Please make good use of the information and guidance that has been created for you by others in the community.

We also have a community code of conduct for interacting with each other. It’s simple, but it’s deep, and it has served us well…!

Working with the Enable Hand Community

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Usually, people who drive a wheelchair to mobilize use their hands to push and move themselves to a desired place. The use of hands to propel a wheelchair limits the user’s ability to interact with other people and their environment because having busy hands is more complicated to use them to perform other functions such as greet, manipulate objects, answer a call, etc. For this and other wheelchair problems associated with manual displacement Kachariy have been developed in Ecuador.

The Kachariy project offers the possibility of converting a conventional wheelchair into an automated wheelchair. Kachariy is an electronic system that is designed to be installed in a conventional wheelchair and facilitate the movement of its users automatically either by a joystick or voice control. The product is a solution that improves the quality of life of wheelchair users.


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